Werken met verbazing.nl or is it .. Surprise, surprise

I keep on telling my self that I have not yet found my focus. Triggered by my last coaching session I realise that I could continue doing so untill the end of my working days…help me please… I need some focus…. probably the story of my working career, so let’s see if by reversing this I can show that the art of focus is a fundamental choice. The link (you have just passed) gives you Steve Jobs explaining about focus. His explanation, clearly inspired by Zen meditation, shows him articulating that it is about saying no and not being tempted to work on eighteen different that are highly relevant in their microcosm, while the sum of parts adds to being less. This art of focussing and making that work for me is about maintaining curiosity and being surprised, and that in addition my ‘grumpiness’ can actually be the fuel for working with this. A further reason to include this clip, portraying a very young Steve Jobs is that he manages to explain in his informal style why the art of focussing is so essential to develop new ideas. So instead of taking the questions raised as an affront or as very personal he keeps his cool, explains in generic and in specific terms why focussing was and is so very important.

This attitude strikes a bell with the attitude I recently came across during interviews undertaken for the European Foundation Centre/Grantcraft appreciating (unexpected) differences when collaborating with other philanthropic foundations appeared essential. Using an appreciative inquiry approach, respondents articulated the art of compromise and maintaining a genuine attitude of surprise, rather than referring to a linear response, based on the ‘this is the way to work’.

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