e-Portfolio; ePortfolio; e-portfolio; eportfolio ..

e-Portfolio; ePortfolio; Eportfolio; eportfolio …

I went on an exploration tour today! Yesterday I was triggered by a job advert that my love sent me. After tracking the site and blog, I discovered that the initiator was seeking to develop a standard ePortfolio setup in the Netherlands. The somewhat boring instructional video on YouTube, gave me access to many other interpretations and use of the e-Portfolio concept. It is only in the Netherlands that this concept does not seem to have taken on such a flight yet.

Initially, I decided to select a number of YouTube ePortfolio uploads as inspiration…. Surprise… surprise….there were straightforward explanations of the suggested components or structural design that should be followed… good stuff, it had me scribbling notes on paper …An ePortfolio is about documenting: The Learning (ref. Kolb, knowledge construction, reflection on learning); Transition; Assessment (Formal; ongoing); and Presentation (Evidence or proof), and then there was this delightful Turkish eportfolio, that is a combination of highlights, showing her learning journey and her learning ambitions

After seeing how you can use the concept of an Eportfolio in a creative, personal and illustrative manner, I realised that the concept of an e-portfolio can be used in a multiple ways for myself (see this blog and coaching). Here are the different angles that you can take with an e-Portfolio as a method to:

  • showcase your story of knowing (what you know you can do);
  • reflect on your story of learning (how you learnt to do what you are doing)
  • develop a rich interactive space for your professional and personal growth (hybrid)

So I developed a YouTube collection (russell2uBox) with a folder e-Portfolio listing a range of e-Portfolio explanations, in combination with some inspiring examples. These examples range from the very creative (see above and portfolio collections of art students) to the professional on to examples of students using them to show their learning journey. While making this selection I realised that this working  concept was well suited to be combined with the method of Personal Competency Test, in general and more specifically in combination with the social media training course run by Sibrenne, Joitske and Simon. So I offered to run a training session on developing an e-portfolio as part of their course.

While developing the viewlist (playlist in youTUBE terminology) there was one student video that confirmed that this was standard training practice in several colleges. By adding brief notes to the videos, the listing became meaningful.

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