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Civil society fascinates and concerns me as active civil society organisations are an essential ingredient for social development and innovation. In addition social mobilisation for a wide range of issues, such as sports, care, co-governance of social institutions, etc, etc… are building blocks for participation, self-organisation and involvement. Together with Rosien Herweijer and Daan de Roo we have set up a foundation All-On-Board as a form to focus some of our concerns and urgency.

All on Board is a Foundation established in the Netherlands by Daan de Roo, Rosien Herweijer and Russell Kerkhoven in the summer of 2016. In our own practice, especially in these turbulent times of political shifts, increasing nationalism, globalisation and international conflicts, we experienced how critical, the quality of governance is as the key to enduring success of societal and not-for-profit organisations. Building on this analysis and vision, we developed All-On-Board as a vehicle  to contribute to effective and future oriented governance. We have developed a distinctive approach that builds on the strengths of the organisation and her leadership team.

We share a ‘sense of urgency that current global and societal dynamics actually require us to think and work together, as conflicts, the lack of peace and persistent questions on the human condition are always difficult to address. We urgently need to make headway in effectiveness, efficiency and being genuinely future focussed. We believe that there is a lot to be gained in the governance of civil organisations!

I am proud that we have managed to get this methodological approach up in the air and would urge you to follow the link and check this intiative out. Hopefully it will inspire you to explore this further and if you would want to do this with us, we would be delighted!

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