My first lesson

05 September

As the morning progresses the ‘mud mind’ grows and becomes increasingly active. So bewildering thoughts arise, such as I will fail, I do not know the names of the pupils, What is going to happen next etc.. etc.. thoughts that bubble up in a random pattern and they reveal my growing nervousness.

A first two hour lesson and at the end of it the pupils were still at work, and I still had enough material for another hour. In addition I had asked two pupils to see me after the lesson as they were routinely doing other things. Overall the hours had passed very quickly I struggled with devices and technology, pupils very quickly offered me clues how to progress. During the class, I became acutely aware that I had no clue anymore of the end of class times. Apparently my brain is trying to take in so many things that the schedule disappears. Paul my tutor/supervisor was very good, as he asked how I felt it had gone en was keen to point out what I had managed to achieve. While I had completely twisted his teaching plan for the two hours. We quickly realized that at a more detailed level there are lots of feedback opportunities.

A reflection after talking about my lesson with colleagues, both co-learners and experienced professionals. I realize that my automatic response is that following an exercise, I want to harvest and explore what has emerged. This takes time and naturally presents easy opportunities for deviating and being tempted by content. Two instances stand out:

  • Pupils were asked to identify powerful people and after doing an informal call-out exercise and checking this back it was obvious that all examples were male, I pointed this out and followed with a call for female examples, when these did not come I gave them with some detail. This was not foreseen
  • pupils were asked to pitch and I thought that it would be fun to observe something positive after every pitch and to give it a score using 🙂  😐  🙁 The level of pitching was generally low although content wise there was much too be found in them. Drawing out the richness in an effort to relate their thinking to our lesson plan took time that we had foreseen at all

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