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Visualizing your work: a Photo Essay

Guide to shooting a Photo Essay A photo essay is a collection of selected photographs that are threaded together with supporting text, length between 2 – 40 lines. Sophisticated photo series follow a carefully developed story board and have several common threads portrayed such as people, scenery, theme or style. […]

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Blue Leaf Open Space Guide

Open Space Cartoons Introduction Open Space is an exciting way of working as the ‘method’ fosters co-ownership and co-creativity of the participants. I have applied this method several times and still I remain intensely curious of what comes out. Below are my Golden Rules, there is also a link to […]

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Proeve van Bekwaamheid (2)

Proeve van Bekwaamheid (2)

Mijn ‘Proeve van Bekwaamheid’ – (2) de leergang Sociale Media voor Leren en Veranderen Dit is een vervolg op Mijn Proeve van Bekwaamheid (1). Een omschrijving van de casus: Tijdens het werken aan mijn casus: Production of a Handbook on Exits, Exiting and Moving On for International Philanthropy’ ben ik […]

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Proeve van bekwaamheid (1)

Mijn ‘Proeve van Bekwaamheid’ – (1) de leergang Sociale Media voor Leren en Veranderen Dit is een (te) lang blog bericht, ik gebruik de proeve van bekwaamheid als blog bericht …reflectie volgt later. 1. Mijn  persoonlijke ontwikkeling: De leergang en alle tools en inhoud die je voorbij ziet komen is […]

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Building Healthy Communities of Learning and Practice

In het kader van de opleiding Social Media voor Leren en Veranderen, verkennen we het thema ‘leren in netwerken en Communities of Practice’. het In het verleden ben ik betrokken geweest bij  diverse on-line netwerken, zoals ‘WASH wiki voor World Vision’; e-collaboration voor PSO leden en later open, en ook  […]

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My 2012 learning curve, a reflection

My 2012 learning curve, a reflection

Finding my focus At the beginning of the year I was struggling to find the ‘right’ way of still being an employee of IRC and the need to work on identifying what further steps would suit my talents, profile, dreams and ambitions. A few months earlier I had designed my […]

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Exiting, moving on and withdrawal

Exiting, moving on and withdrawal

Posted on november 26, 2012   Exiting is the active form of making an exit and in my current work focus on developing a guide on exiting, moving on and withdrawal, I am increasingly realizing the value of using the verb exiting. Is is becoming obvious that use of the […]

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