Governance of Civil Society Organistions

Citizen's Engagement, Governance of Civil Society Organistions, Social Courage

What have a Russian cat, fact checking and humor to do with civil society space?

Barsik, is a domestic Russian cat that wins a local election. The description will not fail to make you smile. The other week I attended the launch of  Activism, Artivism and Beyond by Yannicke Goris & Saskia Hollander, presented by PARTOS, the association of Dutch Development Organisations and The Broker […]

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Governance of Civil Society Organistions, Social Courage

All On Board

All On Board Civil society fascinates and concerns me as active civil society organisations are an essential ingredient for social development and innovation. In addition social mobilisation for a wide range of issues, such as sports, care, co-governance of social institutions, etc, etc… are building blocks for participation, self-organisation and involvement. Together […]

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