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Embracing Hope – Book Review

Embracing Hope – Book Review

Embracing Hope Shaping recovery for young adults following psychosis: Experiences and insights from a Dutch recovery centre, The Windroos. By Corry Punch-Venneman and Maurice Punch Embracing Hope is a work recalling a journey involving a special kind of love, courage and hope and an unsettling account of trying to cope […]

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A guest blog for the Journal ‘Challenging Organisations and Society’

A guest blog for the Journal ‘Challenging Organisations and Society’

MOOCs can get under your skin Posted on January 15, 2014 by Russell Kerkhoven MOOCs , Massive Open Online Courses, proliferated further in 2013. Check out Coursera (, Udacity (, Khan Academy ( and others. MOOCs are a fascinating development in formal education and learning, as they look so promising […]

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Let’s make Sense of Seek

Let’s make Sense of Seek

A guestblog written for Ennuonline on the occassion of the Masterclass with Harold Jarche heldin the Hague, 30 January 2014 Jarche’s Personal Knowledge Management model and approach are a fine example of a model developed by a professional and tested in practice by many. I first came across his Seek-Sense-Share […]

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Starfish and the Spider

Starfish and the Spider

  Over the past weeks, I had some extra time on my hands, one of the ways in which I used this was to read ‘The Starfish and the Spider, the unstoppable power of leaderless organizations’ by Ordi Brafman and Rod Beckstrom, accidental authors. Below are some excerpts from the […]

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Axiomnews NL

De magie van ‘generatief nieuws’ als unieke meerwaarde Peter Pula, oprichter en eigenaar van Axiom News Canada bezoekt in februari a.s. Nederland. Op 18- , 19- en 20 februari a.s. organiseren we daarom op drie verschillende locaties (achtereenvolgens Amsterdam, Leeuwarden en Maastricht )  workshops rondom de toepasbaarheid van generatieve communicatie […]

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Visualizing your work: a Photo Essay

Guide to shooting a Photo Essay A photo essay is a collection of selected photographs that are threaded together with supporting text, length between 2 – 40 lines. Sophisticated photo series follow a carefully developed story board and have several common threads portrayed such as people, scenery, theme or style. […]

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Blue Leaf Open Space Guide

Open Space Cartoons Introduction Open Space is an exciting way of working as the ‘method’ fosters co-ownership and co-creativity of the participants. I have applied this method several times and still I remain intensely curious of what comes out. Below are my Golden Rules, there is also a link to […]

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