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De magie van ‘generatief nieuws’ als unieke meerwaarde Peter Pula, oprichter en eigenaar van Axiom News Canada bezoekt in februari a.s. Nederland. Op 18- , 19- en 20 februari a.s. organiseren we daarom op drie verschillende locaties (achtereenvolgens Amsterdam, Leeuwarden en Maastricht )  workshops rondom de toepasbaarheid van generatieve communicatie […]

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My 2012 learning curve, a reflection

My 2012 learning curve, a reflection

Finding my focus At the beginning of the year I was struggling to find the ‘right’ way of still being an employee of IRC and the need to work on identifying what further steps would suit my talents, profile, dreams and ambitions. A few months earlier I had designed my […]

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Harvesting Words and Concepts in Conference Proceedings

Following my attendance of the WAIC 2012, I wrote a reflective article ‘Harvesting words and concepts’ this was published in the conference proceedings. Participant Russell Kerkhoven looks back on his experiences in the 2012 World Appreciative Inquiry Conference. What a week! For five days, I was embedded in the thought […]

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